Horrendous Death

Your goal in writing the discussion board is to create a lucid mini-essay. Begin with an introductory paragraph in which you clearly state your position. Next, write a series of body paragraphs in which you make your case, directly citing the readings to prove your point. Finally, complete your essay with a concluding paragraph in which demonstrate the significance of your argument for our conversation regarding death and dying.
After completing the readings, please write a mini-essay that addresses either of following sets of questions. You do not need to address all of the questions and do not treat each question as if it is disconnected; do not create a list of disconnected answers, but rather a cohesive mini-essay.
Discuss some of the risk factors that elevate a person’s chances of committing suicide. How do the risk factors vary from age to age?
Increasingly, there appears to be more violent deaths in our nation, do you believe this is so and what can be done to combat the increase in violence? Or does the media exaggerate the amount of violence?

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