Horizontal Table

Question 1

  • Describe the purpose of filegroups and examine the key ways it helps with minimizing administration to backups or with multiple databases within an organization. Suppose you managed a server with 200 terabytes of data, determine whether you would use full backup, transaction or file groups. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Suppose you are a DBA of a 5,000-person organization. Your boss wants to know the advantages of using a partitioned table and the ways it will affect performance of the server, specifically during peak hours. Decide whether or not a vertical partitioned table is more effective than a horizontal table. Justify your response.

Question 2

  1. Create an retail store order table with no less than seven fields
  2. Create an retail online order form to match with the table
  3. write a php script that will take the data from the form and
  4. insert it directly into the php table within the database.

Use XAMPP software

Question 3

Assignment: Minimum of 1300 words in APA format with at least three scholarly sources.

  • Describe the roles of the CIO and the CISO.
  • Describe an information security policy, which provides rules for the protection of the information assets of an organization.
  • Describe three continuity strategies, using hot, warm or cold sites.

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