Homicide Rates

Question 1

commentaries (600 word minimum) that discuss concepts from the readings, discussions and lectures. The briefs are opinion pieces, “big ideas,” similar to Op-Ed articles found in major periodicals or blogs. The briefs are not meant to merely summarize the assigned readings. Rather, writer should reference the readings, discussions, and lectures and construct arguments and positions concerning the topics. The Written Commentaries must reference at least 2 of the readings.

The commentaries:

  • Should be typed and proof read;
  • Should demonstrate the understanding of the assigned material;
  • Should demonstrate the ability to write critically about the topics covered;
  • Criterion for grading the Commentaries include:
  • Understanding of the reading(s)
  • Interpretation of the reading(s)
  • Supporting claims/ opinions with evidence
  • The commentary fell within the required length.

Question 2

Please explain about policing in Saudi Arabia and compare it to the United States

How it is safe to be a cop in Saudi Arabia

homicide rates in both countries

In APA format

Double spaced 2 pages

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