Home Healthcare Presentation


Create and post a PowerPoint presentation with an 8-10 slide (including title and summary slides) overview of your new facility. The presentation should show your classmates what you accomplished.

1. In your first post, attach the PowerPoint and write a few sentences summarizing your project. Also provide suggestions you would give future students to help them with their projects.

Your slides should include the following:

• Title slide: Project title, your name, date, course name (Professional Capstone)
• Project Information:o Brief description of and reason for choosing your facility
o How will this facility will fill a need, services your facility will offer
o Your SWOT analysis and organizational chart
o Obstacles you encountered upon during project
• Reflection- how did you do? What did you learn?
• What would you do differently if you did this project again?
• Summary/closing

2. Post responses to two classmates, providing feedback on their presentations and projects.

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