History of Architecture

St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome, Italy, after its completion, was not only the largest church in the world but also the center of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. However, St. Peter’s was not constructed overnight. In fact, its construction covered some 120 years from 1506 to 1626. During this time period the design and conception of this monumental church changed and evolved as did Europe and Christendom. What were these changes and evolutions in the design and construction? What were the changes in Europe that drove these changes in the architecture?
Some approaches or questions you might tackle:
How different was the initial envisioning of this church from the final building?
What were the different ideologies involved and which eventually won out?
How are these ideologies expressed in the architecture of St. Peter’s?
What role did the various architects play in these different visions for St. Peter’s?Whatever approach you take please base your writing on an analysis of the building itself and the history of its creation. This paper should be two type written single sided double-spaced pages with one-inch margins. If required, support your argument with fully cited research. Use the MLA guide for academic writing. In addition, please illustrate your argument with at least two figures. These could be photographs, paintings, drawings or any other images you choose. The figures, labeled “Fig. 1, 2 etc” should appear as an attachment at the end of the essay, have a full citation and be referenced within the text of your essay

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