History Moment

Question 1

In a 2 -3 page essay, please use the theories of Nozick and Rawls to analyze the documentary Slumming It. In particular, what would be the analytical process for evaluating the possible housing towers that some people in Mumbai proposed for the slums? Show me Nozick and Rawl’s analysis.

There should be an introduction and conclusion. The body of the essay should include the defining and describing the principles of both Nozick and Rawls. In addition, you need to apply these principles to Dharavi with specificity. Give me a paragraph per principle. In a special way, demonstrate to me that you understand the theory of Rawls who uses his own vocabulary at times. You will need to include the Maximin Rule, Original Position, and the Veil of Ignorance.

Question 2

1.Compare and contrast the characteristics of the gender subversive strategies

adopted/witnessed in Riot Grrrl New York City and Babymetal. To what extent is music

an effective tool for the subversion of the gender norm prevailing in the U.S. society and


^^^^L12.Riot Grrrl (Oct 17).pdf. & L13. Cute Metal (Oct 22).pdf & Babymetal and the Ambivalence of Cuteness.pdf^^

2.Describe the historical moment we discussed in class when jazz came to be known as

“American classical music.” Discuss the pros and cons of the events described to the

struggle of African American and the development of the genre of jazz.

^^^L10.Jazz-The Music (Oct 10).pdf & North American Jazz_The Other Classical Musics.pdf^^

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