Heart Muscle Status

  • 1. Pure Inflammation of the appendix  is also called:

a. Choledocholithiasis

b. Cholelithiasis

c. Appendectomy

d. Appendicitis

e.  No answer is true.

2. Diabetes type II and l involve the use of oral medicationss in its treatment regimen.

T or F?

3. AIDS defining illnesses are most likely to occur as the T cell count falls below a defined number. T or f?

4.  Prostate cancer is curable in its early stages. T of F?

5.  Viral infections can be easily treated with antibiotics  Tor f?

Short Answer:

1. When angina becomes symptomatic , what is happening at the level of your coronary artery circulation, heart muscle status/health, exercise tolerance?

2.  How does anemia differ from leukemia?

3.  Explain what is an osteon in compact bone?

4.  What are the neuroglia in the nervous system and what do they do?

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