Attached are feedback from Project Charter 2, the scoring guide for this project, the Final project example, and the Final Project Charter instructions. The Final Project Instructions start with an email from the instructor and in the middle of the document have the actual instructions you need to follow to complete this assignment. There is a Final Project Charter example both in word and pdf. The example is just to show you what the instructor expects. It is not the main work. It is only to show you how the instructor considers a strong paper. Your job is only to use the Final Project Scoring Guide and the Final Project Instructions to complete this assignment. I also uploaded the former job you completed which is Project Charter 2 to let you know where you are heading. Lastly, I am also attaching Project Charter 1, which was an old assignment that I need you to take a look at. The teacher criticize that the topic was not narrow down. Both Project Charter 1, Project Charter 2, and the feedback from Project Charter 2 will give you a great idea on how to do the Final Project Charter. Please follow the teacher

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