Health Related Issues

Question 1
Before answering the questions, build the plan ..

The purpose of this assignment is to research a healthy dietary pattern and plan a healthy diet for yourself. You will be applying the knowledge and skills from previous assignments to make personal dietary changes. Examples of healthy eating plans include: DASH Diet, Mediterranean Diet, Vegetarian or Vegan Diet, Flexitarian Diet, TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) Diet, MIND Diet, Volumetrics Diet, or Weight Watcher’s Diet.

Question 2

You will complete an Infographic on Food Insecurity using online resources and materials.

Requirements: create an Infographic on Food Insecurity in Arizona .

Things to cover in your infographic:

Definition of Food Insecurity

Who is Impacted?

What Percentages of People by Group?

What are the Consequences of Food Insecurity?

Any Solutions to Food Insecurity?

Wild Card: Anything else you wish to illustrate

Remember to cite your sources for data and photos

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