Health Promotion Project

FormatThis paper is to be written as a structured essay assignment in third person and formatted as per School of Nursing and Midwifery, ‘Assignment Writing Guidelines’. Submit into Turnitin.
Learning OutcomesOn completion of this unit students should be able to:   Evaluate epidemiological data to determine community health needs and socio-ecological determinants of health.Plan theoretical Primary Health Care activities and strategies to meet identified community health needs.Apply the concepts of health promotion, education, and disease prevention across the lifespan and within different cultures and populations.Critically appraise the relevance of Primary Health Care and inter- professional collaboration to the changing health
Task descriptionThe aim of this structured essay assignment is to evaluate your application of comprehensive primary health care principles through the proposal of a health promotion project/ program.   Write a 1400-word structured essay using headings (outlined below) to outline a health promotion project/ activity for your chosen population/ community based on one health need identified from Assessment 2.
Headings  Please use headings to structure your writing for this assignment:   Title:IntroductionDiscuss Proposed Health Promotion ProjectImplementation Action Plan (Goal and Objectives)CollaborationEvaluationConclusionReference list
Assignment StructureTITLE: state your chosen population/ community and health promotion program.   INTRODUCTION: (150 words) An introduction to your topicHighlight the main issuesInclude a statement that outlines the structure and purpose of the paper. Include research parameters Target audience i.e., peersExplain key terms e.g., the term Aboriginal is used as inclusive of Torres Strait Islander peoples as per SNM guidelines   This section needs to clearly introduce your paper and set the scene for the reader. Briefly summarise your findings from Assessment 2. Introduce target population
 and health promotion program to be implemented for this community in addressing a specific health need.   DISCUSS PROPOSED HEALTH PROMOTION PROGRAM: (300 words) Discuss the health promotion program/ project that will be proposed for this community to screen, prevent, or support one community health need identified. Provide a clear and concise description of your project and rationale for recommendation.Briefly outline why a health promotion program is required?   Target your program at the community health need not one individual health need. Select either:Primary group: individuals who are at risk or who have a health issue already OR theSecondary group: those who are a part of the individuals contacts/ supports. (This might include family, employers, health professionals or community).   Link content discussed in the unit related to comprehensive primary health care principles to demonstrate the rationale for choosing this program/ project. Use of a health promotion planning model/ primary health care philosophy may assist here from the literature (i.e., Ottawa Charter, Millennium Goals, UN Sustainable Development Goals).   This section allows you to be innovative. You can research programs already in use and adopt some of their strategies and ideas. This will require you to then develop a clear action plan (see below) with a clear goal and objectives for the program.   IMPLEMENTATION ACTION PLAN: (300 words) Needs to contain at least one clear goal supported by two or three objectives (SMART). The objectives should describe the strategies or interventions of the program to attain the identified goal.These might focus on change:Increased awarenessBehaviour modification   Discuss what, how and why you will introduce your project, including time frames, resources. Consider where you will run your program, what tools you will need. How will you recruit your target group?   COLLABORATION: (300 words) Interprofessional practice/ collaboration is a significant aspect of nursing and midwifery practice.Discuss potential barriers to implementing the project and how you may overcome this through interprofessional collaboration.Acknowledge the key stakeholders (i.e., groups and individuals) that may be involved in making your project a success.Link ideas with theory and practice of collaborative working in PHC.   Consider ethical and cultural factors that may impact on your project. How will you ensure the target group are involved throughout the process and who will you collaborate with to support success of the program?
NUM3511 Assessment 3 2022  

 EVALUATE THE PROGRAM (200 words):   Outline how you will evaluate your program (based on the goals and objectives that you have already established): What tools/ techniques will you use to measure outcomes?How will you demonstrate if it worked or did not work?   CONCLUSION (150 words) Provide a summary of your essay and key elements that it has addressed.
Marking Criteria.See Marking Rubric attached.
Referencing/ Additional ResourcesWork must be both In and End text referenced using APA 7th edition format. The essay requires a minimum of ten (10) quality citations (peer reviewed) journals, (not more than 7 years old), academic texts and quality web sites i.e., Government (NOT Wikipedia).   In addition, these can be supplemented with general websites i.e., Lifeline, Cancer Council, Diabetes Australia as well as citations from reputable sources).   Referencing: Library website Library:            Nursing Library Guide Academic Skills: Learning Support

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