Health Priority Area

Research a national health priority area that and present an argument with supporting literature that this is a valid and credible health priority for a specific country or region. You need to justify why this has been classified as a health priority area and argue a case for being an area of focus for health promotion.

Your essay should address the following requirements:

  • Define the health priority and state why it is a priority. Include information on what it is and whom it affects.
  • In your priority areas, show evidence of credible and current research data to illustrate that this is a valid argument.
  • Which specific target groups are impacted e.g. youth (12-18 years), young adults (18-30 years) or seniors (60+)
  • Illustrate the positioning of the priority within frameworks of wellbeing.
  • How are fundamentals of health promotion addressing this area of concern? Discuss in relation to action and strategies of health promotion. Are there any gaps?

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