Health Legal Requirements

Question 1

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) at work is an important issue and implies all types of businesses. The main purpose of the law is to prevent accidents, illnesses and injuries in the workplace towards the development of a safety culture within an organisation.



  1. Choose THREE main activities in your organisation and determine their occupational safety and health legal requirements.
  2. Develop a detail legal register for those activities (at least a total of TEN different legal requirements are determined for all the activities chosen in (1)).
  3. Examine the level of compliance for the legal requirements determined in (2); and
  4. Provide recommendations to improve the level of compliance for those activities.

(40 Marks)


Write on how OSH legislation contributes in creating good safety culture within an organisation.

(20 Marks)


Question 2

“Discuss the opportunities and challenges of BIG DATA in the discipline of your major” (HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT)

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