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There are various duties that are completed by customer service managers. One of these responsibilities is the SWOT analysis (which is one of the most popular types of analysis tools) to determine where the company’s customer service stands relative to the competitive environment in which it exists. Use the information that you have learned about the SWOT analysis to complete the following Assignment.

Assignment: Customer Service Planning

As part of the customer service planning process the director has asked you to complete a partial SWOT Analysis and come up with some SMART goals for the Porcupine Health Club (PHC). Be sure to complete the SWOT Analysis tutorial in the Learning Activities to be better prepared for this Assignment. Based on the scenario found in your Discussion, address the checklist items.


1. Download the template file.

2. Complete the SWOT Analysis part of the Assignment template provided using your CSR Tool Belt for customer building strategies. You will complete the opportunities and weaknesses areas only.

3. Prepare some new SMART goals for the next year for the Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who staff the front desk as well as assist customers at the Health Club in line with the mission, vision, and values statementsprovided. Enter these into the top of the template.

Mission, Vision and Values Statements

for The Porcupine Health Club

Our Mission: To provide a diverse membership with access to a wide variety of exercise equipment, health-oriented classes, and opportunities to help enhance the quality of their lives. We motivate and inspire our members and their families to adopt healthier habits for their long term benefit.

Our Vision: To inspire all of our members and families to be happier, and lead longer and healthier lives.

Our Values:

  • We value diversity.
  • We motivate our members and their families to adopt healthy habits through our interactions and our behavior.
  • We inspire healthy changes for everyone.



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