Health Care Event assignment

Creating a biography of a health care event from the list on the next page can be challenging, but very interesting.  Once you have selected the topic, you will write a 10 to 12 page biography of the event, including references using APA format.  Note that plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of an F for this course.

All choices on the Health Care Events list have been selected because information about them is available on Google and other sites, but do not use Wikipedia!   The biography may also utilize information from professional sources not on the Internet.  Requirements for this assignment should generally address the areas outlined below.

Why did the event occur?  How did it start and why did it happen?  If it was a surprise, why was it not foreseen?  If it was planned, what were the reasons it was planned?  What is the present status of the event, i.e. is it still occurring, or is it finished?  If finished, could it recur?

What were the results of the event?  Why were lives lost—or saved?  Was there damage or not?  What went wrong and what went right?  Did the event grow in scope, and if so, how fast or slow?  Did it evolve in the way it was planned?  If the event were to occur today, do you think the same sequence of results would occur, and if so, why?  Could this event occur today?

What did society learn from this event?  Did society learn good things or bad things or both?  Are negative things still happening?  Was the lesson a surprise, or was it expected?  Has society accepted all of the lessons the event could teach, e.g. did everyone stop smoking and why not?

What is happening now because of the event?  Each of the events listed could be considered a public health event.  What did public health officials do because of the event?  What should have been done?  What are they doing now because of it?  Are they doing enough?  Why not? What was/is government’s role?

Do you wish you had participated in this event as a public health provider?  What traits, education, and experiences were needed for those who were providers to succeed in dealing with this event?  Consider the technology and other resources that are available today.  How can the health care system better prepare for this type of event in the 21st century?

Health Care Events (since 1900)

1.           Framingham Heart Study

2.           1918 Influenza Pandemic

3.           Thalidomine & Birth Defects

4.           Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

5.           Syndromic Surveillance

6.           Polio Eradication

7.           Smallpox Eradication

8.           De-Institutionalization of the Mentally Ill in New York

9.           SARS

10.        Bird Flu

11.        Jesica Santillan

12.        Lyme Disease

13.        West Nile Virus

14.        DES Daughters & Infertility

15.        Iceland and Tonga DNA

16.        Zika globally

17.        Vioxx Recall

18.        Harvard University Nurses Study

19.        Bubonic Plague & the Southwest United States

20.        Therapeutic Drug Shortages in this decade

21.        Legionnaires Disease

22.        The Collapse of Health Care During/After Katrina

23.        Hantaviruses in America 24.        Ebola globally



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