Growth Rate

Question 1

Exposure to which of the following during childhood can be associated with increased aggressive behavior, emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, and poorer school performance?

  • Mumps
  • second-hand smoke
  • domestic violence
  • immunizations
  • immigrants

Question 2

Which of the following delineates the role of the APN in Health Care most accurately?

  • code all of the primary and differential diagnoses
  • order labs and diagnostics for every patient
  • provide continuity of care for underserved populations at greater risk for ambulatory care
  • make sure that every chart has a growth chart
  • Whatever the doctor tells her/him to do

Question 3

Find the measure of the angle between b and c in the figure below with the angle, alpha = 116.57°; a=4.24; b=9.06.





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