Graph Database

Question 1

You have communication data from your organization. This includes instant messaging, email, and phone calls for the past six months. The information includes communication parties’ names, positions, and locations as well as the time, duration, and content. Provide a paper that contains the following: a model of the data in all three database types listed below or choose a similar one, implementation output of at least one, and three queries/questions for the database that would provide interesting insights into the organization (The queries do not have to be in the syntax of the database, just normal english.)

1. Column Database (Cassandra)

2. Graph Database (Neo4J)

3. Document Database (MongoDB)

Question 2

write a 10 page research paper (single space, 1 inch margins, 12pt font) IEEE style

This page count is independent of your citation pages. This should be a highly focused topic like

for example Outlier detection techniques.

Some example topics you might find interesting:


2-Information Retrieval

3-Indexing Algorithms

4-MapReduce and Similar Technologies

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