Goals and Metrics

Question 1

Six Sigma charters provide a one-page view of a project’s description. Project leaders normally determine and develop the charter with the team’s input. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term, complex project or a short-term, simple project because all projects should have a charter to identify key areas, i.e., problem statement, project scope, goals and metrics, business impact, potential barriers/risks, and key milestones. You will select a topic to use in the Lab Assignments here in our lab course. You will use the same topic for the Lab Assignments in all units, so this discussion will get you off to a good start.

Review recent news stories and articles in newspapers, television, Internet, etc. to identify a topic for your Six Sigma project charter. Remember, you’re looking for a recent quality issue or problems that caused a customer satisfaction issue for the product or service that you choose. Some examples include recent air bag problems in cars, cell phone battery issues, wait times in emergency rooms and doctors’ offices. These are just examples. Think of issues and problems or areas for improvement where you work. (There are many!)

Question 2

Based on the course reading, those of you taking the Research drives practice side will argue that scientific research and emerging theories are the starting place for effective criminal justice practices. After your initial post, you will respond to at least two of your classmates from the opposing side, offering a counterpoint

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