Global Inequality


  1. Double Space
  2. Time New Roman. 11-12 point font.
  3. 600 – 800 words
  4. Cite all definitions in correct style format.
  5. Attach reference page. (reference page does not count toward word count)
    1. Cite episode of VICE.


Countdown to extinction – Global Fisheries

  2. Time – 14:45

Indonesia Palm Bomb – Palm Oil

  2. Time – 14:40

Trump In Dubai

China in Africa


The True Story Behind the Paradise Papers


How is global inequality maintained?

Using all or any combination of the above media, answer the following question based on your readings of Chapter7 in the Henslin text book. Be sure to use concepts we discuss including neocolonialism.  How is global inequality maintained? How does conflict theory and structural functionalism explain global inequality?

Be sure to cite concepts found in the chapter.

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