Global ecology of the family interview paper

What to do?

Interview a professional who works with culturally diverse families (e.g.: ethnically diverse or families from different countries). Examples where you can find them are: hospitals, child care centers, schools, social work agencies (e.g., DHHS).

Ask the following 8 questions:

  1. Describe your work and responsibilities. How did you start in your work?
  2. Describe the families that your work with.
  3. What are their cultural backgrounds? Do you find their backgrounds similar or different than yours?
  4. What do you find rewarding in working for culturally diverse families? What example(s) can you cite?
  5. What do you find challenging in working with culturally diverse families? What example(s) can you cite?
  6. How do you face the challenges? What helped you in responding to these challenges?
  7. How do you prepare yourself so that you are effective in your work with culturally diverse families?
  8. What will you suggest to people who are interested in working with culturally diverse families and individuals?
  9. What to write?
    1. A complete and comprehensive summary of the responses from the interview with an introduction of the interviewee (name of interviewee may be left out for confidentiality). A summary is NOT a transcript of what went on during the interview. Use your own words to explain the answers of your interviewee to the questions you asked.
    2. Do NOT list the questions, instead use headings or keywords about what paragraphs describes or discussed.
    3. An explanation of what cultural competency looks like when professionals work with culturally diverse families.
    4. Students will apply at least 5 key concepts from the assigned articles. Student will highlight or underline the concepts in a visible way to differentiate the concept.
    5. Again, integrate these concepts with the interviewee’s response by highlighting them in a visible way to differentiate the concept from the required articles. When you integrate, you do not just mention concepts or use as examples, but explain what the concept is all about and how it fits in with the interviewee’s responses.

    What to submit?Submit a 3-4 page paper. The paper must include the following:

    1. Appropriate structure and APA style:
    2. Double-spacing, Times New Roman font in 12 pt.
    3. An Introductory paragraph
    4. Use one or more paragraphs per question (Do not list the question, but use headings)
    5. Connect the interview to readings (explain how the interviewee’s response relate to the reading)
    6. Concluding paragraph using your own voice to reflect upon this experience



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