Geometry Skills


Think of a situation in which you might need to use geometry skills. For example:

How many sheets of drywall you would need to cover a specific room?

How many cans of paint you would need to paint a room with two coats of paint?

How much fabric you would need to buy to reupholster a specific piece of furniture?

For this Discussion, you will write the detailed steps for your own two-part word problem based on geometric concepts. You will need to explain the geometric situation/problem that needs to be solved, provide the numbers related to the geometric situation, and provide a full solution and explanation for the problem.

You will need to:

Describe what shapes you need to measure. Describe each measurement that needs to be determined and what those measurements are.

Make your calculations and provide the solution.

Think carefully about the final answer you provide. What errors are common to these types of problems?


How can you apply the relationship of percents and ratios to everyday living situations? Provide an example.

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