Geographical Distribution

1) Adaptation takes place in response to:

A) anticipated needs.

B) only the selective pressures they experience.

C) selective pressures they have not yet experienced.

D) only selective pressures that favor survival.

2) Introduced species are a growing problem primarily because of:

A) global trade and travel.

B) plate tectonics.

C) the speed at which new species form.

D) global climate change.

3) The risk of introducing a natural enemy to control an invasive species is that:

A) it might drive the invasive species to extinction.

B) the natural enemy might evolve into a new species.

C) the natural enemy might also become a pest.

D) the natural enemy may introduce genetic diversity into the invasive species.

4) The unusual organisms living in Australia have evolved primarily because of:

A) the unique position of Australia on the face of Earth.

B) shifting ocean currents around the continent.

C) the unusual climates of Australia.

D) long term isolation of the continent.

5) Which one of the following is a trait that increases the chances of survival for an endangered


A) geographical distribution

B) a food source consisting of a single species

C) large size

D) small number of offspring

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