Fundamental Data

Question 1

Key-Value, Column-Family Stores, and Document-oriented databases, as they all share several characteristics all have a fundamental data model that is based around a single, rich structure of closely-related data. In the field of software engineering called domain driven design, professionals often refer to this as an “aggregate”.

In a 2-3-page paper, select one type of database and research how the term, “aggregate” applies to the design. Include an example of at least one entity relationship.

Question 2

Insurance companies collect, manage, and work with large sets of data. In addition, insurance companies often have the need to integrate or interact with various external organizations as a manner of business. 

In your post, describe some unique characteristics of large data sets for the insurance industry. Discuss your experience (if any) with the insurance industry. What specialized needs do insurance companies have, and how can data warehousing help address them?

Question 3

What are at least 3 advantages to using cloud platforms to deploy NoSQL solutions. Describe each advantage and cite sources in APA format.

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