Functional Team

Question 1

In the article “Turning great strategy into great performance”, the authors suggest that one of the keys to high performance is to create cross-functional teams drawn from different areas. As you create and execute your strategy in the simulation, how have you incorporated this advice? Where do you expect to see this most impact your group’s performance and why? Support your answers examples from your experiences and at least 1 credible, high-quality source of outside research.

Question 2

Principles of Marketing Marketing Strategy 
Reflect upon the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with a business that you are familiar with (one you work at, one you completed your assignments on, or one you have just acquired knowledge about). Suggest two (2) strategic marketing recommendations for this business based upon your reflection/analysis and the information that you have gained throughout the course?

Question 3

What are the components of an effective recruiting strategy? Why do some recruiting campaigns end in failure and not finding the best talent currently available? Include some of your recruiting experiences either functioning as a recruiter or a job seeker. What worked and what did not work and why?

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