Formative Assessment

Question 1

  1. Draw up twelve different outcomes on the different Bloom levels using twelve different verbs. Use the revised Bloom’s taxonomy by Anderson and Krathwohl. (24)
  2. Draw up two multiple choice, two completion, two true and false, one matching and one essay question in one of your subjects. Apply the guidelines for constructing different items. (16)
  3. Draw up a blueprint for these items, showing how much each of them will count. (10)
  4. Explain how you will apply weighting in your subject taking formative and summative assessment into account. (4)
  5. Explain how you will give effective feedback to students after assessment. (6)

Question 2

Select two Malaysian companies listed of Bursa Malaysia. Critically review MFRS117 Leases and evaluate the disclosure requirements by lessees for finance and operating leases, and how it affects the selected companies’ statements of financial position.

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