Form Factors

Question 1

Discuss what motherboard and CPU you have decided is the best for the neighbor. Focus on what you learned during the Task and what the neighbor’s needs are.

Activity 2: Working with the Motherboard

Lab: Motherboards : Write a report on how to :

  1. Lab 5.1: Examine and Adjust CMOS Settings
  2. Lab 5.4: Identify Motherboard Components and Form Factors
  3. Lab 5.5: Remove and Replace a Motherboard
  4. Lab 5.6: Flash BIOS

Activity 3: Hands on with the Motherboard

Decide on the type of motherboard to use in the computer system you are designing. Explain what it is and why you chose it.

Question 2

In your own words, describe what is meant by Sensitivity Analysis? A discussion question

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