Floor Technician

Point factor system evaluates each job against the factors

A J S & D Professional Cleaning Service


Each job description should contain the following.

  • Scope of the position
  • Identify the job duties
  • Define the qualifications (education requirements, experience, skills, and other criteria).
  • Define the ADA requirements. Each job description should have ADA requirements defined per position. This should include the physical, mental, and environmental conditions per position.\
  • Show placement of staff or departments in the organization chart.
  • Create a basic point method system. Identify what compensable factors will make up your evaluation criteria and their weights. Rank these jobs within the organization. Explain the methodology for your team project. It would be for these 4 jobs/..
Floor Technician

Laundry Attendant Supervisor

Laundry Attendant
Maintenance Supervisor



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