Flex Schedules

Choose one of the following scenarios and write a memorandum for your assigned scenario.

Scenario A

In an effort to add extra time to their flex schedules, several employees have been skipping their lunch hours and adding the time to their weekly telework day. Instead of the one day telework day, many employees have been able to add a half day, and in some cases, an extra full day to their scheduled telework day away from the office. This misuse and manipulation of flex-time scheduling is causing serious challenges for the payroll office that has to confirm hours worked, and for management, which has to often reconfigure office work schedules at the last minute to determine the correct compensation for employees who are taking extra days out.

Your Task: Write a memo to company employees explaining the new telework policy. Make sure that you explain the problems with the way that employees have been abusing the current policy.

Scenario B

It has been brought to your attention that employees are using the company copier to produce documents for personal use. Recently you have personally found non work-related flyers for events, invitations to social gatherings, and other personal documents such as tax forms and medical reports at the copy machine. Naturally, this places extra wear on the copier and increases the cost to maintain the equipment for actual company work. This misuse of company property holds the possibility of forcing the company to purchase a new copier during a very crucial period in the company’s history. Such a purchase may force the company to file for bankruptcy.

Your Task: Write a memo to employees explaining the new company policy on using the copy machine. Your memo should include a reference to the company code of conduct (ethics).

Scenario C

You have witnessed several employees drinking alcohol on the job during lunch hours. Additionally, you have been notified by CEO Janice Davis that some employees have been inebriated when attending mandatory staff meetings and workshops. While what an employee does on his or her break is not officially company business, the effects of such drinking has a decided effect on the performance of an employees in the workplace.

Your Task: Write a memo to employees outlining the new zero tolerance alcohol policy.


All memos should:


  1. Review the information presented in Chapter 14 as well as your notes to help you compose your memorandum.

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