Fiscal Crisis


  • Structure a policy argument or claim that is definitive, designative, evaluative, and advocative, using one of these terms: (a) crime, (b) pollution, (c) terrorism, (d) quality of life, (e) global warming, (f) fiscal crisis, (g) human rights, and (h) unemployment.
  • Convert the argument in the first discussion into a policy debate by providing an objection and a rebuttal.
  • Explain if and why the qualifier changed after introducing an objection and rebuttal. If the qualifier did not change, explain why it did not change.
  • Discuss at least two benefits to structuring arguments before and while developing written documents.


What is the compound symmetry assumption? What is sphericity? In SPSS, which part of the output shows this?


Build a fence (d the size) 30ft x 50ft.

1. Define the area by establishing a relationship between the length and width of the rectangle. For example, L=2w+5 or w=3L-4.

2. Using the fact A=LW, together with the relationship mentioned in #1, eliminate one of the variables to set up a quadratic equation.

3. Solve the quad equation sing any of the techniques, the solution (s) will be one of the dimensions: use step in #1 to find the other.

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