Financial Position

Answer ALL of the following questions about the organization you have selected (mention which organization you are talking about):

  • Is the audit letter positive or negative?
  • In the Statement of Activities
    1. Is the total net income positive or negative in the year(s) included in the audit?
    2. How much was released from restrictions in the year(s) presented?
    3. Was the net income impacted by non-operational income or expenses?
  • In the Statement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet)
    1. What is the organization’s largest asset and liability?
    2. Can current assets cover current liabilities? Is the audit presented in such a way that you can answer this questions?
    3. Are you comfortable with the balance between unrestricted net assets, temporarily restricted net assets and permanently restricted net assets?
  • In the Statement of Cash Flows
    1. Did the organization gain or lose cash from Operations, Investing, Financing during the year(s) presented?
    2. Did the total cash increase or decrease in the year(s) presented?
  • In Note # 1 is the mission of the organization described in a manner that would encourage you to donate? Do you think Note #1 presents the organization in the best light?
  • Is the audit format easy for donors to read and understand?
  • Do you think this organization is doing well or is having financial problems? If you think there are problems, what are they?

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