Financial Markets

Health Care organizations indeed serve the public with a much-needed service providing medical treatment to those in need. In every business, there are expectations that the services be compensated fair and equally. To keep businesses on track and funded accurately the utilization of financial managers are in order.

When the ACA established the patient-centered medical home (PCMH) program in 2014 it made financial manager very nervous. The program was tailored to encourage physician to provide intense patient centered care promoting healthy lifestyle choices for patients (Barlas, S. 2014). The complicated matter left hospitals competing with other facilities to hire and retain qualified physicians. Additionally, financial managers were left with financial statements that were showing different trends due to pricing negotiations of qualified health plans (QHPs) changing hospital revenue world-wide.

The hospital facilities were really taken by surprised especially when the increase of insured patients seeking treatment began. The interesting fact that the changes from personal or private pay individuals created a frenzy of competition of services between facilities. The more notable message that encouraged individuals to utilize the Market Place is the re-occurring statement of fewer readmission and better coverage.

The end results will encourage all hospitals to conform to the hew mandate to generate revenue. I do feel that the new act has helped patients gain access to health care. The ACA does have problems with facilities and employers charging higher premiums and require patients to have larger bills after health care treatments. I guess in the end I agree with some aspects of the ACA and not with others.


Barlas, S. (2014). Hospitals Struggle With ACA Challenges: More Regulatory Changes Are in the Offing in 2015. Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 39(9), 627–645.

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