Film Knowledge


Responses to essay questions should be well thought out paragraph(s), not just a few sentences and answers should cite specific examples, not contain general statements.

Question 1

Looking at the state of each country where their respective film movement emerged, what was the impact of WWII on the filmmakers of the time? Provide specific examples.

Question 2

How did the realists’ approach to filmmaking postwar differ from or even reject approaches to filmmaking in the prewar years? How did audiences react to this new style of filmmaking? Provide specific examples, citing films covered throughout the course.

Question 3

What film movements borrowed what techniques and/or themes from other film movements? How did Italian Neorealism and the French New Wave, in particular, set new standards for movements going forward? Provide specific examples.

Question 4

Describe the influence of the House Un-American Activities Committee and the Blacklist in Hollywood. What were the different responses by filmmakers to communist hysteria? Who were The Hollywood Ten and what happened to them?

Question 5

Describe the factors that led to the downfall of the Hollywood studio system.

Question 6

Describe how the Hollywood film industry competed with the rise and popularity of television.

Question 7

Describe the impact being felt from these film movements in cinema and contemporary filmmakers today.



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