File Storage

Check Python files.. they are given template for python classes.

You are tasked with creating an application that uses a GUI that simulates a simple banking interface similar to

an ATM / online banking using the Python 3 programming language.

The assignment is broken up into five main components:

1.) The ability to provide an account number and a PIN

(Personal Identification Number) to sign into a bank


2.) The ability to view the balance of the bank account and

to deposit and withdraw virtual money into and out

from the account,

3.) The ability to save transactions via file storage so that

you can log in, deposit some money and then log out –

and when you log back in that money is still there, and


4.) The ability to display a graph of projected earnings on

the bank account via the compound interest accrued

over a variable amount of time.

5.) A Test Case that ensures your BankAccount’s deposit and withdraw functionality operates correctly.

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