Field Switch

How can the voltage at the terminals of an alternator be doubled?

A. By cutting the strength of the magnetic field in half

B. By doubling the turns of wire in the coils

C. By cutting the speed of the machine in half

D. By doubling the size of the coil wires


For the alternator part shown below, the electromagnets get a direct current from

A. a ballast ring.

B. a yoke.

C. an impulse turbine.

D. an exciter.


A 36-pole alternator will generate how many cycles of AC voltage during one revolution of the


A. 6

B. 9

C. 18

D. 36


A single alternator isn’t operating properly. Your first step in shutting down this single alternator is to

A. shut down the prime mover.

B. reduce the output voltage of the alternator.

C. open all of the feeder switches.

D. open the field switch of the alternator.

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