Field Observation

SPE 578 Field Observation Assignment Table

Step 1 – Comment in GoReact

Step 2 – Complete the table using 3-5 comments from GoReact

Exploration Title:Date:
Observation (what Inoticed)Meaning (what this makesme think of)Research (confirming research in the educational practice)
My engagement with the learners was interactive. I allowed for feedback in the course of learning.Interactivity encourages knowledge dissemination.Interactive learning improves the learning process.
I was patient with the learners and allowed them to respond to the questions I asked.Patience improves learning outcomes.Patience allows learners to cope with their ability/ cognitive skills.
I employed different approaches to make them understand the content of the lesson.Using different approaches enhances the learning process.Practical approaches to learning enhance the learning process via stimulating different thought processes.

Step 3 (10 points)

From the observation, I noticed I allowed for active interaction between me and the learners. Right from the start of the lesson, I asked question about the topic; from asking the questions, the learners were able to participate by giving their own definitions and opinions on bullying.

Throughout the lesson, I intermittently engaged the learners in ways which compelled them to participate in the learning process. Also, I used different analogies to give examples meant to make the lesson as interactive and as relevant as possible. Among the analogies given were the locker and key together with the scenario of speeding on the highway. From what I saw, the outcomes of the lessons improved. The process of knowledge dissemination is enhanced through the way an instructor engages learners; mostly, patience improves the process. Also, it is imperative to use different approaches to impart knowledge on learners. In this case, the feedback I received from the learners in the course of the lesson is the hallmark of the gains made. Therefore, from the observation made, I think lessons need to centered on the interaction between the learner and instructor. However, the environment in which the interaction takes place should be conducive for every learner. I noticed that some learners can dominate the learning process when not controlled; the situation is unfair to the other learners whose personality restricts them from boldly participating in the lessons. Therefore, it is upon the instructor to moderate and ensure that every student gets to participate in the learning process as needed for effective learning outcomes.

The video comments regarding interactive learning, patience, and different approaches can be connect to findings from research articles and my thoughts. Patience, for instance, improves learning outcomes by accommodating the individual ability, specifically thought processes, as connective to research on learners’ ability being in tandem with their cognitive abilities. Precisely, the younger a learner is, the more one needs to be patient with them to improve the learning outcomes. Also, using different approaches to learning, such as employing visuals and giving analogies, improves learning outcomes. At such a young age, learners are likely to connect with processes that stimulate their sensorimotor skills (Braun & Tenenbaum, 2020). In addition, visuals are more practical and allows learners to connect with concepts in a more relatable way (Archer & Hughes, 2010).

The lesson together with the observation made changed my thinking as well as my approach to teaching. Firstly, my approach to teaching has changed in that I have come to understand the need to engage learners right from the start of the lesson. When introducing a topic, it is best to engage in a scaffolding to allow learners to give their opinions and feedback on the topic being discussed. In doing that, an instructor gets to assess the learners’ strengths which influences one to employ the right approaches to the lesson. Also, I have come to appreciate the importance of including practical examples in explaining concepts. Above all, I will always use different approaches to learning since it gives learners the options to understand the concepts taught in the best ways they can.


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