Federal Budget Process

Feel free to read through the entire report, but concentrate on pages 6-7 (‘Introduction’), pages 15-17 (‘A Comprehensive Framework for Considering Budget and Performance Integration’), pages 20-36 (‘Potential Uses of Performance-Informed Budgeting in the Federal Budget Process’), and pages 37-39 (‘Findings and Recommendations’).

This case study considers a number of aspects we have covered in the course, with an emphasis on the budget process at the national level, expenditure formats and budgetary decision making.

After reading the case study, respond to the following questions (your submission can address each question individually in a 2-3 page total submission, double-spaced, with APA formatting for citations and references). Offer examples and make connections to the course materials in your responses.

  1. What are the differences between performance-enhanced budgeting and a “traditional” budget process? How is a budget based on performance information beneficial to government and the citizenry?
  2. How can performance information can be utilized in each of the four stages of the federal budget process?
  3. What are the three main findings of the study and what is their relevance to improving the federal budget process?

Submit your writing assignment through the link located below the weekly overview information (scroll to the bottom of the screen). Be sure to click the Submit button.

Writing Assignment Deadlines and Points to Remember:

  • Writing assignment is due by the end of the week, Sunday.
  • Make sure you review the Grading Rubrics (accessed via the Grading Rubrics link from the course menu). Points for this assignment are earned based on the Writing Assignment Rubric, so be sure to review the criteria of how points will be awarded,
    • In particular note that, among other criterion, you will need to incorporate connections to the course readings into your analysis.
      • Specifically, include 3 in-text citations in APA format to course materials in support of your analysis.

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