Family Situation

Question 1

a. How does socioeconomic status, lifestyle, and family situation affect nutrition across the different stages of the lifespan?
b. What are the factors that influence nutrition and wellness practices across the lifespan?

Question 2

What do you feel your role is as a nurse in decreasing the prevalence of malnutrition in the hospital setting?

Question 3

As a nurse, what do you feel you are responsible for doing to show sensitivity towards different religious and ethnic dietary practices?

Question 4

Read the case study about Lucy. Assuming this patient requires closer to 4-5 carbohydrate choices per meal, where would you begin to help her make changes to improve her diet for better glycemic control throughout her pregnancy?

Question 5

As a nurse you are providing nutrition education to a patient with hypertension. The patient reports “There is no way salt is a problem for me, I never add it to my foods.” How do you respond and what do you include in your teaching about nutrition and high blood pressure?

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