Family Case Study

Using the movie “Ordinary People”, discuss the family aspects that have been important in the creation of the problem and in its solution.

This paper should be no less than 3 pages – APA formatted (lasted edition), typed in 12-pitch standard font, double space with 1-inch margins, and includes at least 2 references

The genogram should have the following three components:

Draw a three-generation genogram. Include grandparents, parents, children, and pet(s). Have a clear genogram of who has been influential in the family system over three generation.

Identify intergenerational patterns (interaction, roles). On the genogram, use a legend and lines to identify the relationship among the members – identify very close, conflicted, and tenuous relationships as they occurred in the family system. In addition, include notes to identify critical roles (e.g. family hero, scapegoat, peacemakers, rescuer, clown, etc) played by the different members and content to reflect the themes associated with the different members. These notations should be brief and included on the genogram.

Identify triangles and coalitions. On the genogram, review the patterns outlined in Item#2. Use a highlighter to illustrate the triangles/coalitions and in the narrative of your paper, describe how they operated in the family system.

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