Expert Review

Question 1

For this week, take a look at your TV remote control at home and give an expert review on the design.

1- Recommend some changes you would make to make the remote easier to use.

2- Think about accessibility (for people with disability) and recommend some changes to make the remote more usable and accessible.

3- Come up with a design that you think is ideal (diagram of your design will be great).

You can attach a file with your response if you prefer to write your response in Microsoft Word. 

Question 2

week 3. For this week, you are required to read chapter 3 from the textbook and discuss the following aspects. You need to post your response and also give feedback or ask a question to one of your fellow student’s post to get full credit.

  1. Give a brief explanation of the Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. State an example you have seen on a device, computer interface or website that violates those rules.
  2. Clarify the difference between guidelines, principles, and theories.
  3. What is the difference between micro-HCI theories and macro-HCI theories?

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