Executive Competency Assessment Application to Practice

We are aware that interdisciplinary collaboration is associated with improved patient care outcomes. Imagine you had the opportunity to present your initiative to improve patient care to the nurse leader and nurse manager you met with last week. How do you think they would facilitate the change now that you are aware of their roles within the organization? Explain your decision from the role of the individuals you interviewed and its implementation from a systematic perspective. (Complete the assignment in 600 words) utilizing APA format and supporting your work with evidence-based practice journals:

  • Briefly identify and discuss your StrengthsFinders and the Nurse Executive Competency Assessment. Discuss how it can help to facilitate collaboration in the change process and moving your idea forward?
  • Discuss how the outcomes from StrengthsFinders and Nurse Executive Competency Assessment will improve your ability to communicate and support the implementation of your idea to the Chief Financial
  • What type of strategies would you use to promote buy-in, shared governance and empowerment of your team in the decision making and implementation process. Also describe how would this plan differ if presented to other groups (interdisciplinary team) within the organization?
  • How would you utilize your strengths to address conflict and resistance to your proposed implementation?

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides (APA format).

Note: This assignment will be run automatically through SafeAssign plagiarism detection software and an originality report will be sent to your instructor.

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