Ethics and Sustainability

  • Select an item of clothing from your wardrobe (shoes, jeans, t-shirts, etc.) and identify the company that made it, its material(s), the country of manufacturing and supply chain (from extraction of raw materials through distribution and disposal).
  • You will write a 10 page paper, examining the questions of ethics and sustainability as it relates to this product.
  • Your paper must include extensive research, including but not limited, to these research sources:
  • Circular economy, regenerative economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Fashion – ar


  • Corporate Social Responsibility Report and company practice related to your clothing item. (Example: Nike shoes –
  • With this research on your clothing item, you are to create an essay examining fashion, ethics and sustainability. The paper is to include a thesis, developed research and a conclusion studying your clothing item and your evaluation of the ethics of the company’s current practices vis-à-vis your clothing item.
  • A minimum of 15 cited academic references are required for this paper.

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