Environmental Pollution


Dr. Hall Movie Analysis RubricMovie Analysis:

Write a 750-1000 word essay analyzing documentary films Death by Design(2016) and Anthropocene: The Human Epoch(2018), both available to rent online for minimal cost (also see: https://tubitv.com/movies/534751/death-by-design And http://sohstream.csudh.edu/jehall/anthropocene.mp4). Briefly summarize each film and compare topics expressed in each film in a more detailed interpretation and discussion. Select two additional scholarly works to support your arguments, such as books or peer reviewed articles. Essay must be typed, double spaced, 1” margin all around, Times New Roman, and 12-point font. Cite your sources using APA formatting (https://libguides.csudh.edu/ld.php?content_id=5209…).Upload to Blackboard in a timely manner. Due Date: Tuesday, October 12

References: Sources used for “Reference” section must be scholarly publications such as books and peer reviewed articles published in a newspaper, book or journal. Online access to scholarly publications is available through the CSUDH online library page. You may use the lectures or online sources in addition to scholarly articles. Make sure to include the films themselves in addition to 2 outside references for a total of 4 minimum.Movie Analysis Rubric3 Length (750-1000 words)2 Reference both documentary films4 Interpretation and Discussion (see below)2 Include at least two supporting references (direct quote, paraphrase, data)3 Evaluate significance of films to cultural understanding of pollution and climate change1 Document Format (follow all instructions)4 Cite your sources using APA formatting with reference section 1 Upload to Blackboard in timely mannerWhile viewing the films consider the following questions, but do not answer them directly in your paper:

1) Consider the significance of films to our understanding of pollution and consumerism or environment versus economy? 2) What do you think of in regard to your own life experience when watching these film? How do they make you feel?3) What did you learn by watching this film? Is there anything in this film that you do not agree with or that you find controversial? Do not tell me what you think I want to hear or might agree with. Truly take the time to express your own ideas and opinions. 4) You can quote directly, paraphrase, or cite statistics or data from different sources. Make sure you have at least 4 sources of information, 2 from scholarly articles and the 2 films themselves. 5) How do the two films compare to one another? What do other scholarly books and/or articles have to say about the themes talked about in these films? How to they support or conflict with what was portrayed in the films?

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