Environmental Engineering

Question 1


Write a Report about GLOBALIZATION in environmental engineering and include information from other sources, so it could prove what you’re talking about.

Rubric for grading make sure you follow them:

Abstract: Clearly states problem and question to be resolved; clearly summarizes method, results, and conclusions.

Introduction: Provides background research into the topic and summarizes important findings from the review of the literature; describes the problem to be solved; justifies the study; explains the significance of the problem to an audience of non-specialists

Discussion: Addresses the topic with clarity; organizes and synthesizes information; and draws conclusions

Conclusion: Presents a logical explanation for findings; presents clear recommendations and/or implications for future research

Mechanics and documentation: Is free or almost free of errors of grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics; appropriately documents sources.

Question 2

To prepare:

  • Choose an article from an international peer-reviewed journal.
  • Reflect on how you determined that the article is peer-reviewed.
  • Consider the possible advantages and disadvantages of peer review.


Post the title of the article, the name of the database where you found the article, and the link to the article. Then, explain the criteria you used to determine that it is a peer-reviewed journal article. Next, explain the importance of using peer-reviewed journal articles as a scholar-practitioner in your particular field. Finally, provide an example of a situation when material that is not peer-reviewed would be acceptable for a scholar-practitioner to cite, and why.

Utilzie APA citation.

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