Environmental Analysis

 Step 1: Complete a SWOT Analysis

For this assignment, choose company you know well! It may be your current employer, a former employer, or any company that you are very familiar with. It can even be a small mom-and-pop business in your area. If you do not wish to reveal the name of the company, that’s OK. 

must be a min of 2 pages for body, APA format

Regardless of which company you choose, 

must  include an introductory paragraph that gives a description of the product or service the company sells, a quick explanation of the target market they focus on, and some indication of the size of the company

. This is sometimes called an “environmental analysis” where two basic things happen:

a) the company’s internal situation is analyzed in terms of its Strengths and Weaknesses and

b) the industry situation is analyzed in terms of external Opportunities and Threats. 

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