Environment Revolution

Question 1

The ability to feed the growing world population was addressed by the:

a. Green Revolution.

b. Medical Revolution.

c. Industrial Revolution.

d. Environmental Revolution.

Question 2

Which revolution may have the greatest impact on the future quality of life for people on Earth?

a. Industrial Revolution

b. Medical Revolution

c. Green Revolution

d. Environmental  Revolution

Question 3

Which problem today is primarily the result of the Industrial Revolution?

a. extensive air and water pollution

b. increased transmission of disease between people living in close proximity

c. decline in quality of agricultural  soil

d. erosion from deforestation as more fuel wood is harvested

Question 4

According to demographer Joel Cohen, the human carrying capacity:

a. depends upon a standard of living.

b. can be calculated in the same way it is determined for other animal species.

c. can clearly be determined.

d. largely depends upon the availability of fresh water.

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