Engineering Solutions

Question 1

Part One:  (1,500 words)

Reflect on your own experiences as a leader. Identify, in relation to relevant leadership models/theory, what approaches to leadership you typically adopt in your daily work.

Critically appraise your style of leadership. What professional development / training goals do you wish to establish in order to grow as a successful leader? 

Part Two:  (1,500 words)

Critically evaluate the degree to which leadership behaviours within your own organisation, or another with which you are familiar, reflect a genuine commitment to ethical leadership.

What recommendations do you have to improve ethical leadership behaviours in your chosen organization?

Question 2

Many south african citizens do not have own personal cars for movement. Identity the challenges with the use of public transportation systems in any city in south Africa. Examine the collected data and suggest engineering solutions that can improve mobility of people and goods in the city.

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