Energy Leaders

Question 1

Writing Assignment: Renewable Energy Project

Suppose you are a city engineer whose job it is to explore how to use more renewable energy in your locality.

  1. Consider the resources in your city and select one of the following:
    • hydropower
    • solar power
    • wind power
    • geothermal power
  2. Prepare a pamphlet or multimedia presentation to convince a committee of citizens and local leaders that the renewable energy source you have selected is best for you locality. In your pamphlet or presentation include:
    • a discussion of the renewable energy source that is best for your town and why
    • a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source
    • a discussion of why you think your city should use more of this energy source
    • how use of renewable energy will impact your city
    • pictures and/or charts and tables to strengthen your arguments

Question 2

Thursday, February 7th Descartes, Meditations, Letter to the Sorbonne, pgs. 47-50

First In-Class Writing Assignment

  • What are the two chief things Descartes thinks should be proven by philosophy?
  • What is the purpose in proving these two things philosophically?
  • Does Descartes think many will assent to his proofs for these two things?
  • Why do you think Descartes appeals to a theology faculty to approve of his work?

In-Class Writing Assignment: The assignment is to analyze and then give your opinion on an assigned portion of the reading. Looking at all of page 47 and the first paragraph of 48, explain Descartes’ argument (you can, but need not address the explicitly theological parts, or just mention them in passing), and then give your opinion on what he says. Also, from what you have already read of the Meditations, do you think he accomplished his goal?

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