Employment Relations

Question 1

You are required to look into the historical background leading up to current employment. On the process you need to focus on the unique approach to employment relations in South Africa. The periods from 1652 till current must be covered comprehensively. There should be 7 periods. Period 1 – 1652 to 1857. Period 2 – 1871 to 1924. Period 3 – 1925 to 1956. Period 4 – 1957 to 1979. Period 5 – 1980 to 1993. Period 6 – 1994 to 2004 (first democracy). Period 7 – 2004 and onwards (second democracy). These periods should be the headings. Each Period and the content may not be shorter than 500 words.

Question 2

Write an essay about IT Law in Singapore. Covering PDPA as the topic (Personal Data Protection Act)

Topics needs to be covered : –

What is PDPA – What is the current status of PDPA in Singapore – Is it well established – What are the loopholes – How can we fix those loopholes – Some of the examples – Comparison between Singapore based PDPA and other countries etc

Question 3

Analyse the critical role of microfinance in women empowerment by paying attention to the paradigms for women’s empowerment in microfinance; then explain the elements of a gender strategy for equality and empowerment in microfinance.

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