Employee Contracts

As part of the employment contracts, employees have certain rights.  For example, employees have the right to not be coerced into situations  against their will. They expect to be able to access the information,  which affects their job, company, and career. Such work situations can  increase stress, lower self-esteem and productivity, cause loss of  trust, and decrease efficiency.

Good employees who are looking for a more secure work environment may  resign and take valuable tacit knowledge and talent with them. It is  the responsibility of HR management to create an ethical work  environment before, during, and after the merger.


As a strategic HR Director, you have been asked to identify ethical  and legal issues involved in a merger and develop a plan to resolve  these issues. Your plan should address the following:

Identify specific legal and ethical issues that should be considered before, during, and after the merger.

Develop an implementation plan for managing the potential legal and ethical concerns for the merger.

Explain how the proposed plan would help managers establish an ethical work environment.

Develop a plan for how to resolve ethical and legal issues.

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