Effective Workplace


In line with the team’s learning need analysis and knowing that they will be required to support a number of change initiatives soon, your manager has also asked you to prepare a guidance leaflet for the team.The guidance leaflet should cover two main themes and include examples to ‘bring the information to life’.The two themes are:

  • information about organisational culture and how people behave in organisations
  • guidance about the impact of change and how organisational change can most effectively be managed.

Your guidance leaflet should explain (in any sequence):

– What is meant by workplace (organisation) culture (AC 2.1)

– Why it is important to foster an appropriate and effective workplace culture. (AC 2.1)

– How organisations are whole systems in which different areas and aspects such as structure, systems and culture, are all inter-related. (AC 2.2)

– An example of how good people practice, and an example of how bad people practice can impact other parts of the organisation or beyond the organisation (for example through developing new and better ways of doing things or through poor practice stimulating new legislation). (AC 2.2)

– How individuals may learn and develop in different ways in organisations and how this might be accommodated in assessing and developing skills and capabilities. (AC 2.3)

– Why it is important for an organisation’s business that change is predicted, planned and effectively managed. (AC 3.1)

– How change can impact people in organisations, such as changing their role or status or financial situation, and the different ways people may respond to change. (AC 3.3)

– The nature and importance of different roles that can be played by people practice professionals, in relation to change agendas. You might consider roles such as: gatekeeper, champion, facilitator, critical friend or record-keeper. (AC 3.2)

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