Effective Communications for Criminal Justice

This paper will be 5 pages in length – no more and no less (12-point font, one-sided, double-spaced, standard one-inch margins, excluding cover and reference pages).

Material from the course textbook must be integrated into your discussion.  Therefore, the textbook must be cited as a reference.  Please use other applicable sources as required – i.e. textbooks or journal articles about communication (actually cited in your paper and listed on a references page). No dictionary or encyclopedia-type sources (i.e. Wikipedia).  Never use lecture notes as a source. Use APA or another professionally recognized referencing style and keep it consistent (see the library for help).

  1. This assignment will be done by two persons.  You must both sign-up on a sheet that I will provide within the first two weeks of class.  If you do not have a partner, I will match people up.  If a partner leaves the course, the remaining partner is responsible for completing the paper on their own.  You will only hand in one paperand both persons will receive anidentical grade – regardless of how much or little they contributed.
  • Select an interpersonal conflict in which one of you are, or were, involved.  This could be with one or more individuals who are family, friends, classmates or coworkers.  You do not need to provide the real names of those involved.  It is probably best to use aliases.
  • In approximately one paragraph, describe the conflict – what happened and who is/was involved.
  • By integrating course content, resolve the conflict with each of the four methods of conflict resolution identified in the course textbook (Chapter 10, Managing Conflict).  In other words, discuss how the conflict would be resolved and what the situation looks like from a win-lose, lose-lose, compromise and win-win approach.  Be sure to be specific, creative and detailed.  Explain why your resolutions are win-lose, lose-lose, compromise and win-win.
  • For your conclusion, discuss which conflict resolution method works best and why.  For some conflicts, it might not be win-win.

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